Do the methods in your E-books actually work?

Yes, the methods in my E-books are proven to work and have worked for those that apply them.

The only manifestation methods included in my E-books are backed by science and evidenced to yield results.

Other methods you might find in my E-books are based on psychological and behavioral research, designed to manipulate an individual's thought process in your favor.

How do I receive the E-book?

Immediately after purchase I will send the E-book directly to the email you provided at checkout.

How can I access the E-book after purchase?

You will receive an email containing a link that will allow you to download the E-book to any device.

All E-books are in PDF format and will be readable on any device,

What if I entered the wrong email address?

If you entered the wrong email address at checkout and haven't received your order, please fill out the contact form here.