How To Manifest Love in Your Life (Five Ways)

How To Manifest Love in Your Life (Five Ways)

Manifesting love is something everyone wants to master.

Very few have mastered this technique because finding love is much more than putting yourself out there; going on dates and actively using dating sites. It has got to do a lot with finding the right person but it has got to first start within yourself.

It sounds cheesy but when it comes to manifestation you are a reflection of your own reality. So if you don’t think good things about yourself then the people you are dating will be attracted to the energy you are giving off.

The more you focus on improving yourself and loving yourself the work you are putting in is actually putting work into manifesting the right person for you. 

Where energy goes, energy flows!

When manifesting it is important to be specific with exactly what you are wanting to attract in your life but this article will be more discussing the inner work associated with manifesting.

Below are 5 ways to manifest the love of your life starting from within.

1. Practice Self Love

Practising self love will help reflect what you want in a relationship. People often neglect self love because they have other priorities or think focusing on oneself can be deemed as selfish.

Self love is an absolute must when it comes to manifestation. If you want your life to become like a scene from your favourite rom-com, it’s imperative to start romanticising your own life.

Start doing romantic things for yourself like buying yourself flowers and lingerie or taking a nice romantic sunset walk along the beach. Do whatever you can to romanticise your life. 

People who are trying to find the right person forget that you need to live your life as someone who wants those things you want in a partner. I.e romantic, adventurous etc.

Whatever it is you are manifesting in a person, be that sort of person for yourself.

2. Do some inner healing on love

This may also be known as shadow work or inner child healing.

As kids we take on absolutely everything in our environment between the ages of zero to seven. 

As we grow up our subconscious represents the information we take in as children, so if you had a lack of love from your parents or other people this can cause issues emotionally for you when you grow up.

As we grow up we live our lives less in the subconscious wavelengths so we don’t often realise we have traumas until we identify them and actually start to heal them. 

This is where shadow work and inner child healing comes in.

To do this healing it will require you to tap into your subconscious which can be achieved through meditation and journaling alongside speaking to a therapist.

You can also find many resources online especially Youtube about how to do shadow work especially around love.

3. Feel good about yourself! 

When you are feeling good about yourself both mentally and physically love will be attracted to you.

Do things that will make you feel good about your appearance i.e wear make up, get your nails and hair done or buy a new outfit.

Do these things that will make you feel sexy about yourself and love the way you look.

This isn't to make someone like you as you are beautiful/handsome just the way you are. However when you feel good about yourself your energy becomes magnetic for everyone to see.

You should always be your number one hype person and feel confident in your own skin.

4. Let go of attachment 

Manifestations are most likely to successfully happen when you let go of attachment and you truly believe that the right person will come to you

It’s important to first focus on the inside rather than stress too much about what is outside of your control - the timing of the universe. When you are so busy focusing on all your energy on yourself rather than finding the right person it makes it much easier to manifest what you desire. 

Humans often want things now however it’s important to note when manifesting it’s all in the divine timing.

Manifestations work the same way as people.

Don't just jump from relationship to relationship without doing the inner work. 

Wait it out and trust that what is meant for you will find its way to you long as you feel worthy of love.

5. Tap into your femme fatale

Tapping into your femme fatale energy is all about radiating confidence and being a high value woman. This in turn will result in love being attracted towards you instead of you chasing love.

Some ways that you can tap into your femme fatale energy is by giving off a mysterious aura that captivates others leaving them wanting more. You can do this by not giving away everything about yourself at the first impression. Exuding self-assurance and mastering the art of seduction are also essential components being a femme fatale.

Femme fatale translates to deadly woman, referring to someone who uses their charm, beauty or sexual allure. Any woman can become a femme fatale, while there is a common misconception that you need to be stereotypically attractive to achieve this, it is in fact all about psychology and the impression you leave on others based on your words, body language and demeanour.

Tapping into this energy is all about knowing, knowing who you are as a person, following your passion and purpose and just straight up feeling like a total god/goddess.

The more you can tap into your inner femme (no matter how deeply) you will notice how you start to live in a more receiving mode. Which is perfect for attracting the love that you are craving and deserve.

For more information and actionable steps on how to awaken your femme fatale energy you can check out my eBook here.

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